Tooth Extraction Post Operative Care

During the Tooth Extraction Post Operative Care period, it is advised that our patients call our office if they experience any complication. Here at Destiny Dental Implant Center, we have a 24 hour answering service that can always reach Dr. Abadi and we will return your call as soon as possible, usually within thirty minutes.

  • For the remainder of the day:
    1. Do not spit. Use a tissue to wipe your mouth as needed, or swallow your saliva.
    2. Do not use a drinking straw. Drink straight from the cup.
    3. DO NOT SMOKE.
    4. Keep fingers and tongue away from the surgical area.
      The above actions can dislodge the blood clot that is forming and will cause bleeding from the area. Also smoking can increase the chances of an infection, dry socket and extreme pain.
      Tooth Extraction Post Operative Care
  • For Bleeding:
    Some minor bleeding  which usually subside quickly and stop within an hour or two after surgery and a little oozing that may persist for several hours, is expected and normal.

    1. The gauze packs that are placed on the surgical site(s) to limit bleeding while the clot forms, should be left in place with a soft biting down for 30-40 minutes after you leave the practice.
    2.  The gauze can be replaced by folding a clean dampened piece into a pad thick enough to bite one, placed directly on the surgical site, every 30-40 minutes, if there is continual bleeding.
    3. If Bleeding continues despite the above efforts, dip a tea bag in small amount of boiling water and place the cooled tea bag firmly on the site and close jaw tightly and hold for 30 minutes and repeat if necessary. The tannin acid in tea will help to form a clot and stop bleeding.
    4. If all else fails, please call the office.
  • For Swelling:
    Most patients will experience some swelling and bruising in the face after surgery which may be mild or severe and is different for every patient. The swelling will get bigger for the first 24 to 48 hours before it starts to go away and may even last for as long as a week.

    1. Using an ice pack on the cheek and face close o extraction site for 15-20 minutes with 10 minutes intervals and repeating for the rest of the day is recommended
    2. Sleeping with slightly elevated head above heart will keep swelling down.
    3. Switching the ice pack to moist heat on the third day will bring the swelling down quicker.
  • Diet:
    Eating soft, well nourished food can be resumed as soon as the anesthetic wears off. Chewing directly on the extraction site should be avoided. Staying well hydrated will make the healing process much faster during Tooth Extraction Post Operative Care.
  • Cleaning:
    1. The surgical area should be avoided while brushing teeth the day of and the morning after the extraction.
    2. Avoid spitting or rinsing forcefully.
    3. Brushing very gently around the surgical area and stitches, if any, can resume on the second day
    4. Rinsing gently with warm salty water and non alcohol-containing  mouth wash every few hours is recommended.
  • Medications:
    The medication should be taken with a full glass of water and as prescribed. Please call the office if severe nausea or diarrhea is experienced or pills can not b swallowed.

    1. Antibiotics should be taken until the entire medication is consumed. Do not quit halfway.
    2. Pain medicine should be taken as needed. For some narcotics which may cause drowsiness, driving and operating machinery as well as consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
    3. Mouth rinse should be used as instructed and spitted gently during the first couple of days.

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