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Same day dental implant from experienced and reliable team

If there is one thing that frustrates people looking for dental implants, it’s the fact that they must make numerous trips to dental specialists. They need to be examined, have x-rays taken, have the results interpreted, get counseling and other related services. All this means visiting different places and varied dental and medical specialists—not in one day but for several days. This is frustrating but luckily Destiny Dental Implant is changing all this, as it offers a one stop shop for all fixed prosthesis procedures. If you have lost or are in the process of losing your teeth, do not be worried about numerous visits to a dental clinic, it is now possible to have fixed prosthesis and get your smile back in one day. We are not talking about removable dentures here but fixed prosthodontics.
Destiny Dental Implant is a one stop shop which involves initial examination, taking cone bean CT 3 D imaging, taking impressions, try-in temporary prosthesis, one-day surgical implant placement and attachment of prosthesis. All this is done without the need for visiting any other office or appointment. We are truly committed to giving the best services for implants and provide comfort and convenience to people who have lost their teeth.
Destiny Dental Implant uses a procedure known as “All-on-Four Dental Implant” or “All-in-one”, a promotion by Clear Choice. Clear Choice is founded on a principle that Destiny Dental Implant upholds, which is providing a better way for people who need teeth replacement and offering them an avenue where they can get their smile back in one day. Destiny Dental believes in saving patients the agony of waiting for days before they get teeth replacement, providing them a convenient and permanent solution at a very affordable price.
Destiny Dental implant and orthodontics promises the best services at affordable prices. We have a team of professionals, dedicated to taking good care of every patient. Having been in the industry for years, we have mastered various processes using the latest technology to bring back your smile. We are licensed and certified to offer dental services, and we promise that everything will always go well when you choose to work with the most reputable dental implant and orthodontics service provider.